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2Way SMS Service
Dedicated Short Code
Dedicated SMS Short Code in UAE – key for a 2 way SMS process. Popularize the short code along with your brand and explore the possibility of offering easy to your customers. EDS offers dedicated shortcodes from Etisalat and Du in UAE and other GCC Networks.Generate revenue from incoming sms in UAE and GCC.
Keyword Management
This feature will ring bells for those who would like to retain a single shortcode and manage multiple sms services on single shortcode. This is ideal for Radio stations, schools or corporates rendering multiple services. 2way sms has incorporated this feature considering SME's who do not wish to retain a dedicated shortcode.
Conducting a draw has never been so easy. Experience the powerful logic built in EDS's 2way SMS. It is simple and customizable. Grab your customer loyalty by rewarding them. Key attributes – phase wise draws, multiple countries and service providers, web integrated and a lot more.
SMS Voting
Opinions Matter! SMS Voting is a key functionality of 2way SMS powered by EDS. SMS Voting in UAE and globally is already equally popular in TV and Radio Shows. Corporates can use this for mini feedback surveys and opinion polls. This module is developed in a user-friendly manner to prompt users to participate without hassles.
SMS Quiz
Quizzing and Contests are always interesting. Interact with your customers through fun pack quizzing module available in EDS's 2way sms. It is simple to use and ease to judge. Though, EDS 2way sms contest module is developed using model logic, it can always be customized as per any standard requirement.

Appointment Management

Time is money. Streamline your appointment management and reminder process by using
EDS's 2way SMS. Core functionalities of this feature include – sms appointment scheduling, sms reminders, sms confirmation, cancellation requests. This can work in an integrated environment and a standalone interface.

SMS 2 Email

Receive your SMS in your email inbox. Any SMS received on a Short Code can be transmitted as an email for your convenience. This feature enables you to handle all your incoming sms with ease, even if you are away. EDS's SMS 2 Email Services for UAE and Internationally.

Subscription Services

Inform or entertain your customers with regular news and entertainment packets. EDS's 2way SMS provides an excellent platform to sell your subscribed services via SMS. Contact us to know more about EDS's SMS Subscription Services in UAE and GCC.
Multilingual Support

2way SMS services provided by EDS support all Unicode based languages making your choice easy. Offer SMS services to your multilingual customers database using EDS 2Way SMS. Contact Us for more details on supporting languages.

Automatic Message Concatenate
2way SMS powered by EDS is designed to concatenate messages to offer a pleasant message reading experience to the receiver. Contact Us to know more about this feature.
SMS History
This is another salient feature of 2way sms powered by EDS. The system will store sms for a defined period and the user is facilitated with the provision to view SMS sent from a
particular mobile number during that defined time period. This feature has a wide application in number of areas.
2way SMS powered by EDS is engineered with powerful reports that help you review the
pattern of campaigns and measure its responses. This module will definitely aid you in
decision making.
2way SMS service in Dubai U.A.E is for those who look for seamless and interactive sms based communication with their
clients or audiences. Shortcode or a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) can receive text from any GSM or 3G mobile device
assigned as a part of the shorcode or VMN owing network. EDS's 2Way SMS solution is aimed at empowering companies
with robust sms platform and facilitating bi-directional sms services in Dubai, U.A.E and SMS Services in GCC countries
and Middle East.

The Bigger Picture of EDS Inbound SMS Services in U.A.E
A mobile phone is now the man's best companion; personal, work, entertainment, banking and much more. EDS powered
2Way SMS is carefully designed to meet the most distinct demands in the market and aimed at utilizing modern day man's
affinity and dependency on mobile phones. This service already serves a wide range of industries such as Customer
Service, Hospitality, Automobile, Healthcare, Media Houses etc Significance of Mobile Based Marketing:
  • Mobile Phones are regular companions, so let your brand give them a company.
  • Mobile Phones are personal and hence easy to Target.
  • Pay Less to pass your message with pace.
  • Mobile Phone Communication is increasingly becoming popular than traditional mass media.
  • The end-user or the service establisher can be the message initiator. Hence, it can be easily adapted in
    any communication model which at times demands the receiver to be the sender. Benefits of 2Way SMS
    Service can be broadly listed as:
  • Ensuring Customer Loyalty by continuously engaging them to interact with you – SMS Opinion Polls, SMS
    Contests, SMS Voting, SMS Chats etc, Registration Services.
  • Information on hand at once a query is sent – SMS Subscription Services.
  • Reservation Services – Hotel Bookings, Facility Bookings and Extension Services, Appointment
    Reminders and Confirmation, Restaurant Orders.
  • Entertainment Services - Keyword based quizzing, Interactive chats, Radio and TV SMS services


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