Signup for the affiliate program and start earning revenue immediately. Our affiliate program however lies in the repeat purchase of SMS messages. Unlike most other programs where a customer will ordinarily only purchase a product once off, with UAE SMS Marketing most customers will make 3 or 4 purchases in their customer lifetime, all of which can earn you continued commission.

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Why be a affiliate for UAE SMS Marketing? 

BIG Discounts, No Monthly Commitments, No Validity Period, No Maintenance fee & No Hidden Costs, Set your own sell rates, Full control panel and History, affiliates are listed on the affiliate page offering customer direct access to you

How much money do I make?

That is up to you – the more you purchase, the more money you will make. UAE SMS Marketing offers you over 10% of all sales generated from your side.

Can I track how much money I am making?

You can login at any stage to view your account – you will be able to see in real-time sales you have made.

The next step:

First, you need to register to ensure that you have obtained a confirmation. You will then be provided with a affiliate interface and be listed as a authorized affiliate, Credits can be purchased anytime after account activation

For more information on becoming a affiliate please Contact Us. One of our representatives will contact you shortly.

#Affiliate Marketing Dubai, #Affiliate Marketing, #Affiliate Advertising

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