UAE SMS Marketing offer’s Individuals a platform to send messages from any device connected to the Internet. Enabling anyone to send messages to any mobile anywhere in the world at amazingly near to the ground prices. Use the Convenience of the PC or Palm-top to drop a quick line of text which is now just a few clicks away. Stay organized with the personal address book this also allows you to have a back-up of your numbers in Cyberspace also schedule times/dates for SMS to send.

Sending single or multiple messages is made as simple as a mouse click. The intuitive user interface enables you to control any SMS needs. There is no need for any additional software to install or need to have any technical knowledge; all you need is a plain internet connection and a web browser.

Send SMS in 3 steps

  • Register & Activate
    In order to use the services, you will need to have an account with UAE SMS Marketing. Activate your SenderID with the code sent to your email or mobile
  • Buy SMS Credits
    Charge your account with the purchased SMS credits. Through our secure online partner or offline with any of our listed authorized affiliates.
  • Send SMS Anywhere
    Choose from the various services offered We support more than 100 Countries. And Our rates are lower compared to your local mobile operator’s.

We offer SMS at wholesale prices with a sliding scale for single or bulk purchases. Generally 1 SMS Message will cost you 1 SMS credit. In some instances however, the destination network may charge 2 or more credits to deliver your message.

User Benefits

  • Affordable – save money by interacting with your loved ones for a fraction of the cost of long distance telephone calls. Text messaging is easy and affordable
  • Global – send and receive SMS text messages to almost any country on the Planet
  • Efficient – quickly and easily send the same text message to several recipients, Personalized with you mobile number as the sender
  • Great Service – most text messages are delivered in seconds, time zones don’t matter – send SMS when it’s convenient for you. Or use our Scheduling feature.
    Purchasing Credits / Costs

You can purchase credits at a flat rate per credit, We Have No Monthly Commitments, No Validity Period, No Maintenance fee & No Hidden Costs, You only pay for the messages you send.

We Accept Payments from all major credit cards through our secure online payment gateways or offline with any of our listed authorized affiliates

Note: Pricing is based in US Dollar. All other currencies are considered to be estimates and are subject to the prevailing bank exchange rates at time of purchase.

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