Whether you want to send one or 50,000 SMS messages, UAE SMS Marketing provides various Bulk SMS tools for your needs. UAE SMS Marketing’s bulk tools also allow for templating, ensuring that you are able to send messages with personalized fields, saving you time and money. All UAE SMS Marketing products and APIs are totally FREE to use, you only pay per message sent. For more information on our SMS messaging costs, please view our Pricing / Purchase page.

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We have a high performance Bulk SMS message delivery service enables customers to send outbound SMS messages to mobile phones. UAE SMS Marketing has a secure and robust data center that ensures reliable message delivery to mobile operators over 90 countries. It is ideal for organizations that seek to develop SMS based data applications and also for businesses that like to stay in touch with their customers, suppliers and staff, as it facilitates the time critical delivery of bulk SMS Text Messages.

For programmers and developers, UAE SMS Marketing helps you SMS enable your applications or services by providing APIs and sample codes required to Connect to our SMS Gateway for message delivery. Our API for Bulk SMS delivery has single and multiple messages send options and your choice of HTTP gateway connections.

For non-technical users or those who want to send SMS messages quickly and easily without the hassle of programming or coding applications our web portal provides instant access to cost effective, easy-to-use bulk SMS message delivery. With no software installation or programming required, competitive pricing and instant account activation, users can be sending high volumes of SMS messages within minutes.

Send SMS text messages instantly to groups or individuals via your internet connected computer. UAE SMS Marketing’s messaging is the only medium that enables instantaneous notification of a targeted group of people, regardless of their location

Our service allows companies, businesses and individuals to create SMS messages directly from a standard PC connected to the Internet. You will have the chance to promote and communicate different services, products or websites with your SMS messages.

We offer Complete customization and personalization for Bulk Messaging (Batch) or Single Messaging. Companies, businesses and individuals who wants send SMS directly from our websites,

UAE SMS Marketing’s SMS Gateway allow you send portfolio information, stock quotes, price alerts and news headlines, sports scores, weather, horoscopes, classifieds exchange rates, product availability, holiday specials and mobile coupons, marketing campaigns promotional activities via coupons, special offers and incentives over GSM cellular telephone networks.

#Bulk SMS Server Dubai, #Bulk SMS Gateway Dubai

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