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Google AdWords

Our dedicated & experienced Google adwords team can help you increase your business weather you are a multinational, a start up or an NGO.

#Google Adwords Dubai, #Yahoo Advertising Dubai

We work on all aspects right from Google adwords campaign strategy, text ads meeting Google adwords specifications, banner ads meeting the exacting specifications of Google adwords. Creative banner & text ads along with strategic search phrases, placement & landing pages ensure that you get optimum revenue from your ad spend.

Advertise your business on Google
No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and various content network sites from New York Times to Economic Times to AME Info. Pay only if people click your ads.

How Adwords work? 
We create your ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business.

Google Adwords Dubai
Google Adwords Dubai Your ads appear on Google
When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you’re advertising to an audience that’s already interested in you.

You attract customers 
People can simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you. You don’t even need a webpage to get started – We will help you create one.

Adwords to reach yours consumers
Expand your reach through the content network 

With hundreds of thousands of high-quality websites, news pages, and blogs that partner with Google to display AdWords ads, the Google content network can reach users all over the web to help you drive conversions. Choose from text, image, and video formats to communicate your message.

While many of EDS clients are based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in UAE, our reputation has brought us clients from Saudi Arabia, UK, China, India, and Europe.

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Who cares more than us about your online presence? We know what we do, we don’t promise much but we provide “value for your money”.

Yahoo® Search Marketing
A Pay Per Click campaign with Yahoo® Search Marketing is crucial to ensure a successful PPC campaign. Yahoo® Search Marketing Services Inc. (formerly “Overture”) was founded in September 1997 and was the pioneer and the world’s leading provider of Pay-For-Performance search on the Internet. The company created the market for Pay-For-Performance search by redefining how businesses market online. It’s so popular because it gives you the opportunity to drive highly targeted traffic to your website and reach Yahoo search results reach 464 million unique Internet users per month, highest average minutes per user: 295 minutes. And for these reasons Yahoo Search Marketing is essential.
Google Adwords Dubai
How it works? 
At EDS, we are specialists in Yahoo® Search Marketing platform. From preparing to Ads optimization, Reporting to account management our expertise at Yahoo Search Marketing will benefit your business ROI.
We prepare each bid and hand submit each keyword and bid to Yahoo. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can bid on. Our professionally written titles and descriptions will not only get editorial approval, but also attract the targeted visitors you seek. Once accepted your premium Yahoo search listings will immediately appear in the search results of hundreds of other website, such as: Yahoo!LycosNBCAltaVista,iVillage

How to get started?
Target customers by geographic location. Display your ad to customers throughout the entire market, or select specific regions or cities.

Campaign scheduling-Set specific start and end dates for your campaigns. Keyword research-Generate keyword ideas to help build out your campaign. Bulk ad management-Import existing ads from third-party search marketing providers via a spreadsheet.

Tell us how much you’d like to spend. Specify your daily budget and maximum bid amount.

Choose keywords related to your business. Enter words or phrases related to the products and services your business provides.

Create your ad !!
Write the ad that will be displayed to people interested in your products and services. Titles may be up to 40 characters long and descriptions up to 70 characters.

Review your ad and activate your ad.
Review your ad and activate it right away by entering your billing information, or save it until you are ready to activate.

Display your ads across the entire market, or narrow your campaign to specific areas. Identifying your ideal market enables you to better target your customers and control your costs.

Set a daily spending limit at the account or campaign level. View estimated impressions and clicks for the maximum bids you set. Increase or decrease the number of impressions and clicks you are projected to receive simply by adjusting your maximum bid or daily spending limit.

Test multiple versions of your ads to determine which message works best for your customers.
The Sponsored Search system automatically displays the ads receiving the most clicks.
Get your new or revised ad campaigns online within minutes of submission so you can connect with customers and drive web site traffic quickly.

Customized performance reports-Manage your account and track your web site traffic at the level that is right for you, whether you prefer an overview of your account or detailed breakdowns of campaign, ad group, ad copy and keyword performance. Billing and payment reports-Access comprehensive billing and payment information for your account any time. Charting-View your data in graphical form to get trend information over a date range you select. Forecasting-Get keyword and ad group performance projections based on historical data.1 Download reports to your desktop.

Why use Pay Per Click?
Pay only when a user clicks on your ads
High degree of control over campaign strategy
High degree of control over Ads with customized titles, descriptions and URL’s.
Wide variety of reports and tools to help improve performance.
Ability to target by geographical location and to filter unwanted clicks.

Minimum bid is $0.10 cents with a $20.00 monthly minimum spend. You only pay for clicks directly originating from Yahoo, so all clicks from other are free!

Consumers who use search are actively seeking what businesses like yours sell-which means they are highly targeted and motivated to buy.

How many people are utilizing search each day? Findings by PEW Internet and American Life Project indicate that on an average day, nearly 60 million people use a search engine.

Also for the first time in three years, paid search has outperformed other online marketing tactics in click-through and conversion rates, according to a survey conducted by MarketingSherpa.

Why Use Yahoo? 
Traffic – Yahoo delivers 150 million searches every month.
Reach – Yahoo search results reach 45% of all Internet users
Targeting – Directly connect with specific audiences through custom titles and descriptions.
Cost effectiveness – Yahoo Search Marketing is cost effective. Pay when targeted customers click through to your website.
Control – Choose how much to pay for each visitor.
Quick – You can start to traffic almost immediately

Yahoo Products and services 

Sponsored search
Displays targeted leads or sales through pay per click on Yahoo and Yahoo search partners.

Local Listings 
Display listings on yahoo local and Yahoo maps.

Search submit
include websites for consideration in the Yahoo algorithmic (organic) search results.

Product submit
Lists products in yahoo product search, gift finder and buyers guide.

Directory submit 
Listings in the yahoo directory (alphabetical).

Travel submit 
Include offers and deals in yahoo travel

Yahoo® Search Marketing is essential for the success of your PPC Sponsored Search campaign

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Who cares more than us about your online presence? We know what we do, we don’t promise much but we provide “value for your money”.

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#Google Adwords Dubai, #Yahoo Advertising Dubai

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