Our range of SMS services ensure that important information such as alerts, promotions, news, appointments and schedule changes reach their intended recipients in a quick and reliable fashion.

Whether you will be sending to a group, or an individual, UAE SMS Marketing is sure to have the business solution for you. Send single or multiple messages, create a marketing campaign using your existing database, set-up SMS alerts for your IT systems or text-enable your website. Whatever you need to do, UAE SMS Marketing will make it quick and easy!

Send via HTTP request: A simple HTTP Get or Post request is all it takes to send an SMS. This is the ideal sending method for an online application or website. It’s possible to include any number of recipients within a single request. So it’s perfect for an alert from your monitoring system; or for hundreds of adverts to your entire client base.

Integration Consulting: Integration consulting offers clients and customers an efficient way to maximize their benefits by harnessing the power of SMS marketing and also as a way to leverage our expertise for the client’s benefit. Our rich experience in solving the CRM problems, enables us to develop and/or implement SMS marketing campaigns, and deliver user- specific information to the clients.

Send via CSV file (Batch Sending): By creating a simple text file in CSV format (comma separated values) it is possible to send a batch of messages. Send the same message or different messages to any number of recipients. You have the choice of uploading the file to our server, and selecting a delivery time/date and it’ll be sent immediately.

Send via Web Form: The SMS application is hosted on a central server and the registered clients (after subscribing to the service) login to the system, maintain client’s lists in the Address Book, send bulk SMS with discount/sale announcements, birthday/anniversary greetings and payment reminders and alerts. The number of messages sent are maintained in the system based on the prepaid model, where in the client pays for a predetermined number of messages. Simply enter your message and the recipient’s number in the form on our site, and press ‘Go’.

Incoming SMS: Enable people to send an SMS from their mobile phone to your e-mail address or website. We can provide a dedicated phone number for your use, or a keyword on a shared number. Messages will immediately be forwarded to you via email or HTTP.

SMS Marketing Consulting: We work with our clients to ensure the successful implementation and use of mobile marketing and applications, offering creative input, planning, technical development and implementation and successful strategies.

The UAE SMS Marketing’s web panel is accessible from any internet browser it is innovative, fully functional, and user friendly yet powerful with extended address book, features include single or group SMS, Bulk SMS, SMS alerts, 2 way SMS, auto response to incoming SMS, forms to send SMS in virtually any format Multilingual SMS, Short Text Messages, Long text messages, Short Unicode messages, Long Unicode Messages (EMS) and a lot more. Add it all up and you have a truely value added Web SMS service.

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