Promoting your business through SMS is one of the best ways to approach your customers. At UAE SMS Marketing we provide various solutions to our corporate users. You specify the requirement and we develop the solution.

We Have No Monthly Commitments, No Validity Period, No Maintenance fee & No Hidden Costs No Hidden Costs, You only pay for the messages you send.

Following are some of the predefined solutions that are available through UAE SMS Marketing

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Bulk Messaging

We have a high performance Bulk SMS message delivery service enables customers to send outbound SMS messages to mobile phones. UAE SMS Marketing has a secure and robust data center that ensures reliable message delivery to mobile operators over 90 countries. It is ideal for organizations that seek to develop SMS based data applications and also for businesses that like to stay in touch with their customers, suppliers and staff, as it facilitates the time critical delivery of bulk SMS Text Messages.

Advertising through mobile phones offers promoters several benefits:

  • Precise targeting based on a person’s preferences and behaviour Online Marketing and Advertising Dubai,UAE
  • Time based targeting (send promotional offer at 3 PM and make it valid until 5 PM) Online Marketing and Advertising Dubai,UAE
  • Location based targeting (send promotional offer only to people in and around a major shopping mall that signed up for a promotion)

Integration Services

UAE SMS Marketing offers simple SMS gateway connectivity for those who need to SMS-enable their systems, websites, or applications. Using UAE SMS Marketing’s API (Application Programming Interface) integration is fast, simple and reliable.

What are the benefits of the API?

  • Customized group or single trigger messages
  • Delivery of your text messages to every country on the Planet
  • Unicode support (Arabic, Chinese, etc.)
  • Low per credit fee and volume discounts
  • Easy integration and deployment
  • Fast delivery – most within seconds

Two-Way SMS Messaging

UAE SMS Marketing offers bidirectional (two-way) messaging to selected global destinations. This will allow you to rapidly deploy two-way SMS applications in conjunction with UAE SMS Marketing’s mobile termination (MT) services.

We offer SMS at wholesale prices with a sliding scale for bulk purchases. Generally 1 SMS Message will cost you 1 SMS credit. In some instances however, the destination network may charge 2 or more credits to deliver your message. In order to check the credit charges for your destination networks please view our International Coverage Page,

SMS solutions for your corporate needs are unlimited. Explore the ways in which you can promote your product or offers through SMS from UAE SMS Marketing. Contact our team using our Contact Us page to develop a Taylor made solution and pricing package for your company

Note: Pricing is based in US Dollar. All other currencies are considered to be estimates and are subject to the prevailing bank exchange rates at time of purchase.

#Corporate Messaging Dubai, #Corporate SMS Dubai

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